“This is an Op-Ed blog.”

Work Completed.

As promised this site will stay current. Two posts will be updated to reflect the 2010 Census data – ‘Poverty in Maplewood’ & ‘President Obama has displayed bold leadership…’ The ‘Summer Program that Teaches A.P.’ will be updated to include a pdf packet for local students on how to fundraise for summer programs.

Welcome to a blogging experience based on the disciplines of Planning and Community Development.  The spotlight is on Maplewood, New Jersey.

Maplewood Township is a well-planned community and a ‘perfect’ place to raise a family. (We can disagree; variety is the spice of life.)  My travels around the United States of America have led me happily back to Maplewood, ever certain that the community I was raised in is awesome…so my blogging will focus on various Planning and Community Development topics as they relate. l Post published July 9, 2008.

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Courses offered at Rutgers University have influenced this blog including Community Development, Urban Poverty, Urban Revitalization, History of Planning Thought, Urban Design, GIS & Public Health and Real Estate Development.

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