Growth Characteristics

The population of Maplewood Township is 23,868. Total housing units in the community are 8,615. Maplewood has predominantly single family owner occupied housing units, specified 5,541. Apartment buildings and town houses are interspersed.

1,845 Maplewood renters specified in Census 2000 the amount they pay in gross rent for the unit they occupy. A majority of these renters mentioned spending between $1,000 and $1,499 on rent. ( That is 31.2% of renters in this category). The second highest percentage of renters pay between $750 to $999 on rent (28.6% of renters in this category), and the third highest percentage of renters in this category pay between $500 to $749 (16.0%).

4,308 Maplewood home owners, in the 2000 census, specified their monthly mortgages status and selected home owner costs. In addition, 1,233 homes are not mortgaged and are not included. The majority of owners mentioned that they spend $2,000 or more on mortgage. (That is 37.9% of owners in this category). The second highest percentage of owners pay between $1,500 to $1,999 (25.2% of home owners), and the third highest percentage of owners in this category pay between $1,000 to 1,499 (12.5%).

The community is predominantly residential. There are some commercial areas. Four commercial geographic areas come to mind. 1). The Industrial Area in Hilton. 2) Springfield Avenue business district. 3) Maplewood Village. 4). Valley Street, Mixed Use. Maplewood wants commercial success for its businesses. At the same time, the township wants a small, close knit & harmonious community.

The township presented a Master Plan–a mission statement for land use–in 2004. This is a township constantly refining itself; progress is something the township strives for. The major development projects that have been completed in respect to those listed in the 2003 Master Plan include: Example 1. A jitney service which was implemented for those who take the Midtown Direct. All sections of the town are included in its route. Example 2. The township has successfully relocated its police department from the center of town closer to the Hilton neighborhood. The police department has a new & environmentally friendly police station located on Springfield Avenue.

Source 1 Census Data

Source 2 Census Data

Note: There are specified 5,527 single family owner occupied housing units, and in total 6,598 owner occupied housing unites in Maplewood. Consider that Maplewood also has two family and multi-family housing units as well.
There are 1,854 housing units rented in Maplewood. 1,845 renting households specified how much they pay in rent, as discussed in this post.

I encourage you to keep me honest. Let me know if my statistics are off. Point out what needs to be corrected. I will correct it.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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  1. Y.S. says:

    Madame Maplewood, I don’t doubt your sources but that’s a striking number of single family houses…my understanding is that these households only have single parents, is that correct? It would be interesting to see whether these families are headed by women, what the race dynamics are, how many children in these houses, what the age groups are, etc?
    Just an off-question, what do you aim to achieve by case studying Maplewood? Other than imparting your love for it of course…later mrs. W [this letter is loaded, LOL].

  2. Y.S., you’ve asked a surprising question. I never thought to look at it like that. So the term can be deceptive. To clarify, “single family” refers to one household residing in one housing unit. The other questions you ask require a wordpress entry of a different subject, and I’ll make sure to address those questions.

    Now, for your main question, my case study of Maplewood has been well under way for years. While at Rutgers professors had students select where (location wise) we wanted to do our Public Policy & Urban Planning assignments and projects on. I always (rather than not) selected to do my work on where I lived. This website is literally my working knowledge based on my B.A. in Urban Studies…That’s what I love about my major. It’s practical in its application. Kind of like what you studied, Ms. Economist. =)

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