Maplewood’s Chamber of Commerce states on its website that “The mission of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce is to promote and strengthen the business community through goals and programs that encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and foster a positive image of Maplewood.

With reference to its programs, the organization works through meetings, events, and various other engagements with its business members and local citizens to further its mission. The organization is “dedicated to improving the quality of life for all the citizens of the area. ” Sponsored programs for members include:

  • General Meetings, held the fourth Wednesday of each month from September through May,
  • A Business Card Exchange in late February,
  • A dinner in May/early June to honor the business person of the year,
  • Business socials for networking,
  • Halloween Parade for residents, sponsored with the Maplewood Village Alliance.

A directory listing of all members can be found at this link.

Maplewood Township utilizes commerce, like communities across the country, as a way to lower property taxes. Business owners offer services in the community that add to the quality of life of residents. In addition, the commercial success of local businesses is vital to the image of the town, attracting media recognition as well as visitors. Four prominent commercial geographic areas in the township are: 1). The Industrial Area in Hilton. 2) Springfield Avenue business district. 3) Maplewood Village. 4). Valley Street, mixed Use.

Of the four commercial geographic areas the Village is arguably the most popular. It is a shopping location for residents and visitors, with various businesses, including:

  • a supermarket,
  • several diverse restaurant listings,
  • a movie theater,
  • florists,
  • dry cleaners,
  • banks,
  • real estate companies,
  • a day care,
  • a toy store,
  • clothing & shoe stores,
  • specialty stores,
  • a fish store,
  • several nail salons,
  • a day spa,
  • a live jazz restaurant,
  • food take-out (my favorite being, Chinese take-out from Bill & Harry’s).

The success of the Village is tied to its prime location. It is in the center of town, and is adjacent to Maplewood’s train station, allowing commuters easy access to the services provided. It is also within walking distance of the municipal building, the local high school, Memorial Park, the main library, the middle school, the main recreational center, a fire station, and the old police station.

The Village is a popular spot for stay at home moms, individuals who live within walking distance, babysitters who work in walking distance, visitors, those who travel via train to and from the NYC or Dover, shoppers, and neighborhood youth.

Images of Maplewood Village can be found below:

Please Note: All the accompanying pictures uploaded to this post of Maplewood Village are saved in a folder titled new-urbanist-design-burlington-city-nj, hence the uniform picture tag visible. I had trouble editing this.

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