Where to Vote in Maplewood

Vote 2008

Supporters of both Presidential Candidates will find this post useful.

November 4th is a less than 24 hours away.  I know many people have questions about voting tomorrow.  Some of you want to know: Where do I go to vote?  What kind of ID do I need to vote?  What time do polling places open?  Is there a number I can call for more information?  Is there a website I can visit for help in answering my questions?  Below are answers to all these questions.

Your Polling Site

In order to vote, you have to go to a designated polling site. There are 6 polling locations in Maplewood.  That does not mean you have 6 different options.  As a registered voter in the township, you have a designated polling site.  Based on my research, that is the only location you can vote from.

6 Polling Sites in Maplewood & Addresses w/ Phone Numbers

  • Maplewood Community Center ( 120 Burnett Avenue, 973-763-0750)
  • Town Hall (574 Valley Street, 973-762-8120)
  • Fire Headquarters (105 Dunnell Road, 973-762-6500)
  • Clinton School (27 Berkshire Rd, 973-378-7686)
  • Tuscan School (25 Harvard Ave, 973-378-5221)
  • Morrow Memorial Church (600 Ridgewood Rd, 973-763-7676)

Select this link for NJ Department of State Division of Elections: Poll Place Search.  Your polling site is determined by your address, and addresses are divided by districts.  Residents in Maplewood thus have 6 different polling locations they are divided into.  Note: The sample ballot you received in the mail provides you with your polling place address. The aforementioned ‘Poll Place Search’ link allows you to input your address in order for you to be provided with your polling place.

ID Requirement

If you get challenged when you go to vote, note that you’ll need to show an ID with your Maplewood address on it.  Your Drivers License proves your residency, and would be the ideal ID to arrive with.  Asked a township employee if multiple IDs were needed, the response given was a firm ‘no’.

Time Period for Voting

You have from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to vote.

Need help? Google it, Call: Town Hall,  973-762-8120, or visit this website: League of Women Voters Maplewood-South Orange Site or the informative, nation wide, 411.org

Information compiled from phone call inquiry to town hall, a phone call inquiry to the League of Women Voter’s 1800 number (1800-792-8683 ), and a visit to the website of NJ State Division of Elections.

Information for Out of Towners

We’ve all been bombarded from every direction about voting tomorrow.  One key question is, do you know where your correct polling place is? In my township, for example, residents are divided by addresses into six different polling locations.  Please take the time to see what’s the case in your community.

To find out information about your polling place, you have several options which could include:

  • A call to your town hall,
  • reading over your sample ballot,
  • feel free to call the national League of Women Voters 1800 number: 1800 792 8683. You can ask them for your states website that can direct you to your correct polling address.
  • Perform a google search that results in State Division of Elections for various states around the country 

© 2011 W. S. Hughes


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