Unity, Vote 2008

Thank you America. Thank you for making this happen.

Thank you for the Unity!

obama_biden-w-wives_reuters ©Reuters

My favorite singer, South Africa’s Brenda Fassie, sang a song for Nelson Mandela titled “Black President.” This song I dedicate to our new president elect. Mandela was a product of, and suffered under Apartheid, and Barak Obama is a product of the Civil Rights Movement. His success is built upon the shoulders of all Americans who have laid down their lives to end discrimination in its many forms. The world cheered when Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa, just as the world cheered last night when Barack Obama was proclaimed America’s president elect.] * Music accompanies this text. Select the  underlined links.

As I stood among thousands of people in Times Square, NYC, I was jubilant that the ideological frame work America was built upon held rock steady under the odds of an Obama win. The Declaration of Independence rings true especially now that a landslide of American voters elected a man of color into the White House. History has been made. The strides made on November 4, 2008 shows that a unified country can achieve what might seem like the impossible.

I chose to be in Time Square to watch ABC’s coverage of the election. I was one among thousands and thousands of New Yorkers, local visitors, and foreign visitors breathlessly waiting for the results. Seconds after ABC confirmed the win (I stood on the island across the street from ABC News Headquarters) thousands of us went from slight apprehension to wild delight. I was swept in a sea of people screaming joy, jumping, crying, and laughing. As drivers passed us on the streets of Time Square they blew horns in celebration. Perfectly appropriate, a peace sign flew over our heads, bringing the spirit of the 60s to this momentous occasion.

Standing there among thousands of jubilant people, I continually repeated “Thank you America.” “Thank you for making this happen.” Thank you for the Unity! …In the yesterdays of Carlos Santana’s song, America’s presidential election would have been determined by race. Santana’s message in “America” is relevant still, but some of it has been eclipsed by yesterday’s election…Thank you America for coming back and reconnecting with those who are disenfranchised in our society (Which is what I believe Santana’s song is about.) Moving forward, Americans need sustained unity in order to rebuild what has been broken in this last decade or so.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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