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11/25/2008 A Stream of Pictures In order to provide more pictures to accompany my posts, I have expanded from into, a photo blog.  This is a great interactive feature that will allow me to show pictures from various community events in town.  I have added this additional component to the site so that I can show Maplewood through my own photo lens.  To utilize this feature, please find to your left the link on my ‘blog roll’, or select this link.  This link will provide access to a stream of images of Maplewood.

Kick off Celebration To kick of Flickr, I have uploaded pictures from Seth Boyden’s 2008 Fall Festival sponsored by PTA members.  I was a volunteer at the event, assisting the Durand Hedden House with making fresh apple cider by way of using an old fashion apple press.  (It brought back memories from HS.)  Both kids and parents were excited to see how apple pressing was done.  I helped keep little fingers out of sharp blades, and negotiated diplomatically with the kids who participated as a means of maintaining order throughout all the excitement.  😉

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  1. Quiana says:

    Great job on covering the election. I felt like I was there b/c your words spoke to me. I am glad that you were able to experience it first hand. I think that it is a wonderful time to be an American. America finally got it right.

  2. Quiana,

    I’m glad I was able to give you a glimpse into what NYC was like. I know Palin can see you from Alaska, but you can’t see us. America voted for him so our troups can come home. Can’t wait for you to get back from duty too. – w


    Thank you! I have a unique perspective, I know, especially since you’re in West Africa. Thanks for appreciating it. – w

  3. arthur says:

    Good work on the elections. You sure gave us another view of how things went during the elections. More victory to Obama. Hoping to read more of your articles.

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