Match Your Knowledge/Skill to a CHS Student Activity

November 25, 2008 On Friday, November 21, 2008  CHS students again performed admirably at the grueling Princeton University Moot Court competitions, with one student, Evan Walter’s receiving Honorable Mention as a top attorney.

Our local high school students participate in a range of activities, including the arts, sports, as well as a range of clubs. At Columbia, student activities have designated faculty advisers. These advisers dedicate additional time after the final bell rings to support our youth in their endeavors. Faculty sometimes advise multiple clubs – and many do an excellent job in the process.

Example. Certain student activities like Mock Trial and Moot Court involve trips and/or competitions that require serious practice and time. Every year Mr. Campbell, the club adviser, and his students dedicate additional hours beyond study and play to travel to competitions.  (Mr. Campbell was my adviser in HS.)  Sometimes its fun to just wing a competition (I had my moments in high school), other times matching additional support + an advisers time and commitment could go a long way – like take a team of students to the next round and help them bring home a trophy.

Our students successes in these competitions brings the Columbia brand to the local, state, and national arena in a range of disciplines. Imagine how accomplished our students would feel if they had community volunteers when needed – and isn’t that the whole point of them getting an education – to be accomplished?

To volunteer your time, reach out to your child, or a neighbor’s son or daughter and ask them about their activities, and inquire if he or she could benefit from your involvement. The next step is to reach out to the appropriate school staff, teacher, or adviser to see if you can dedicate a couple of hours during the year (sometimes that’s all a team might need to better prepare). Don’t be surprised if you experience a little resistance or puzzlement. Consider this: Its not the norm in a community for residents to take the initiative and volunteer their professional time, knowledge, or skills to prepare students for extra-circular competitions. But that doesn’t mean our community can’t be different.


NJ Bar, Mock Trial Competition


to analyze case law, think and respond quickly, role play


Lawyer, interested volunteer


Moot Court,
Princeton U.


to analyze case law, think and respond quickly, perform under pressure


interested volunteer

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


2 Comments Add yours

  1. RH says:

    It’s great to learn about opportunities for students interested in pursuing law as a career. Any consideration of other career choices such as business, healthcare, performing arts etc for professionals to match their skills with student activities at CHS? Providing some information on when volunteer opportunities are available at CHS, weekdays and weekends, may help some professionals make the decision to volunteer. Our kids will always benefit from this kind of help, which will also reflect positively on our community . Also, can you shed light on mentoring opportunities available in Maplewood, for professionals who may prefer doing that? Great job on highlighting the need for professional volunteers at CHS.

  2. RH
    I apologize for not replying to this comment! It’s been a year since it was posted. I will definitely write a future post on this for the blog to answer your comment.

    12.05.09 I will develop this post to include what you’ve brought up RH rather than post separately on the above mentioned content. – w

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