Murals & Mosaics in S. Orange-Maplewood, Public Art + Local Artist


  • Town Hall Mural An artist was commissioned to render 9 murals on the history of town, its development from Jefferson Village into the Township of Maplewood.  When the municipal building was constructed, nine niches for murals were built into the walls.  1n 1957 then Mayor Thomas Sweeney lobbied for the Women’s Club & a newly created Municipal Building Mural Committee to accept responsibility for the project’s completion.  “The artist chosen by unanimous vote was Stephen Juhoras, at that time a resident of Newark, and an artist of international reputation.  Other works by him in this country were the religious murals of New York City, and the Eisenhower Murals in the Hall of Presidents at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The murals painted were meant to be “representative of the growth and development of the community and to ensure historical accuracy.”  Information taken from the “Maplewood Historical Murals Book, pages 3&4.
  • PDF – Maplewood Historical Murals Book
  • Image found on Maplewood Online.  Select image for link.


  • Train Underpass Mosaics & Murals Maplewood’s train station underpass has beautiful, creative, mosaic artwork.  This summer I met the two young female artists touching up their work on the walls.  It would be great to reconnect with the two artists.  I got an email contact in a rush, missing some important component.  Find below a gallery of pictures of our train pass painted by volunteers.  One artist went to CHS, I’m sure of that.  Select the images below for close-ups  & visit the train underpass. The vibrant colors and creative artwork is impressive up close.

Local Art Appreciation & Education Initiatives

  • SOM Mural Project –Art workshops on mural painting for South-Orange Maplewood [SOM] youth to encourage art appreciation and educate youth on art history.  Meetings with students were facilitated to create an awareness of how art impacts mood through the use of color and imagery, as well as how to make connections and similarities between murals painted in different styles [Example 1) Keith Haring  2) Diego Rivera].  One interactive component was for each child to write in a journal about murals they encounter during their travels, in their community our outside, for group discussion.  Content found on the wordpress blog SOM Mural Project.
  • Columbia Art Classes – Columbia HS offers art classes for students.  Classes include studio art as well as Advanced Placement Art History.  Throughout the years students have been invited to paint murals on the walls of the HS.  Murals can be found on the D wing on the first floor of the school especially, but also around the school.  Talented artists abound, however not all students choose to develop and display there talents in HS – for some a confidence in themselves and/or an appreciation of art develops later.  Those who develop their skills at C HS take the various studio art classes offered.  They have both the experience of creative and dedicated teachers at their disposal, as well as a rich culture at the HS that celebrates the arts in its many forms, visual art as well as acting (Parnasian & the annual school musical), music (Band & Orchestra), and dance (Special Dance).  By graduation time a visual art student has had opportunities to develop a portfolio they could later submit to the college of their choice.

Spotlight – Local Artist & Blogger

1.27.09 Dangerously Creative Nancy Tobin is an artist & Maplewood resident.  She’s a fellow blogger who writes in her blog Running With Scissors that “I’ve been an artist since I can remember.”  She reveals further that she has a wonderful husband and  two children – two young artists who share her love of art and creativity.  Her website provides images of her art and updates on her art shows. Select this link and visit her online store at

Maplewood’s Train Station Murals & Mosaics below.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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  1. nancytobin says:

    Hello there,
    I wanted to thank you for your kind words in the blog post about me.
    Thanks also, for letting me know about your blog — it’s a great asset to the community, bravo!
    I wish you luck on this wonderful endeavor.
    Warm wishes,

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I’m glad I saw your card at the Diner in Maplewood village and could add your contributions as a resident to this effort. Thank you for the kind words as well. – w

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