It’s January! Are you in the clear?

It’s January!  This month marks college application deadlines for the vast majority of colleges and universities, although some students across the country started submitting applications as early as November.  Both high school students and college graduates are diligently completing applications by studying for the appropriate standardized tests, asking for recommendations from teachers and professors, writing essays, etc. for the next phase of their education. The time eventually arrives, after admissions decisions, when scholarship searches become the new priority.


I am so passionate about the subject of education. Is it obvious? What gives it away?

I’ve got resources on this site for when that time arrives for you.  My passion stems from the fact that I didn’t know how to tap into existing networks.  I just want it better for other kids…and in anticipation of January deadlines I’ve diligently worked to compile a list of scholarships for students in need of funding.  Please select the link at the top of the website for student scholarship listings.  A suggestion. Start with the official gov FAFSFA website listed–> Listed under Scholarship Websites, #6


A Scholarship Highlight – The Scholarship Fund at CHS

CHSFF & the rules governing it.  In 2009 applications were due by April 15th.  Keep an eye out for the 2010 deadline.

Applicants must:

  • Be graduates of CHS (recent alums & older alums).
  • Demonstrate financial need and the probability of success in their chosen school – requiring strong recommendations from teachers/or professors (depending upon your level of study).
  • Indicate personal responsibility for financing this education such as savings, work experience, and the willingness to go through the arduous process of obtaining and paying loans.

“The scholarship Committee of the Board of Trustees meets as a group and reviews each application, consults with the guidance counselors, and then arrives at a consensus about the need of each of the individuals and the amount the CHSSF should earmark for him or her.”  Information above taken from article “Oh the places they will go…” by Karen Duncan, Matters Magazine (August – September 2008).  Select this link for a PDF containing an article on the fund.  It provides dated contact information.  Also, ask your guidance counselor on where to gain access a hard copy application.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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