1.17.09 USA Service Project

Day of Service: “Saving Maplewood 1 house at a time”

Date: 1.17.09
Event: Day of Service – “Saving Maplewood 1 house at a time”
Location: Maplewood Train Station

Volunteers: To those who registered & participated on Saturday, & Burgoff Realtor, Village Office (who provided shelter), thank you.
Action: Foreclosure and Eviction information distribution to participating locations.

Youtube Vlog of Event:  Saving Maplewood 1 House at a Time (dead link)

Event Supporters: (organizations that provided resources/covered the cost of additional resources):

  • Sharon Reuss & Mary L. Moore, Center for Responsible Lending
  • Stephanie Greenwood, City of Newark
  • Alaina Arce, NJ Department of Banking and Insurance

Highlights: 200 + documents distributed.

Participating locations:

  • Bagel Chateau, (literature for dist.)
  • Village Barber, (literature for dist.)
  • Anthony G., Spa (literature for dist.)
  • Village Coffee Shop (literature for dist.)
  • Prospect Presbyterian Church, (literature for dist.)
  • Village Wine (literature for dist.)
  • Maplewood Memorial Library (literature posted)
  • Maplewood Train Station, (literature for dist.)
  • [Springfield Avenue Barber Shop] (literature for dist.)

Additionally: Saturday was extremely cold, highlighted in the news. Maplewood Village was selected for distribution due to its central location and the shelter of the train station.

In the future Springfield Avenue, a business center and major transportation corridor needs to also be targeted under these same efforts. Information was distributed to one Springfield Avenue location. It is listed above.

70 + individuals interacted with during the planning of this project were recipients of this literature as well, including NJ Transit customers in Newark, NJ.

Future Village Location(s):

Updated 2.28.09

  • Maplewood Pet Shop
  • Dr. Cardona’s

Literature shown here at Maplewood train station.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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