Closing Reception, ‘Bits and Pieces in Maplewood’ Exhibit

Artist Nancy Tobin held her closing reception at CHS today.It was smashing.

She coordinated the closing reception so that it ran throughout the school day.
Students had the opportunity to walk through the gallery during school.  Many attended the reception after school.  Students and members of the public were treated to finger food and had the chance to speak one on one with the artist.
When I arrived Nancy was in conversation with Maplewood resident Elaine Durbach, a local designer who creates jewelry using sustainable materials.  Nancy’s husband, Michael, a fellow blogger, was in attendance.  CHS art teacher Beth Schwartz, who teaches art at CHS, attended the closing during my visit.

Above, from left to right.  Visitors.  Artist Nancy Tobin with students Henrietta Harmon & 
Deshon Greene (both seniors) at the closing reception of her art exhibit. Artist Nancy Tobin with Emmanuel Harmon & Adam Easterling (both freshmen)
Nancy Tobin is a Maplewood resident who has an exhibition titled ‘Bits and Pieces in Maplewood’ in the Domareki Gallery at Columbia High School. Nancy states that “The show is an opportunity to share with the community how my artwork has evolved in the time I’ve been working as a professional painter.”
Select these links to learn more about Nancy, her past exhibits, and what she’s blogging on. Exhibit details below.
Exhibit Details
Bits and Pieces in Maplewood

Domareki Art Gallery
Columbia High School
Show is on view to the public during the school day:
February 9 – 27, 2009
17 Parker Avenue,
Maplewood, NJ 07040

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nancytobin says:

    I had a great time talking with you!
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Resident Planning Geek says:

    You’re pretty awesome Nancy. =0) It’s always fun seeing you.

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