PerfectlyPlanned News: Girl Scout Troop 21255 is Fundraising for Eco Trip

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The last picture above is of the troop – the names of the girls can be found below. Jenna, Mercedes, Kayla, Jasmine, Chloe, Alexis, Ariel, Samantha, Shaila, Tyla, Imani and Sonya. [Names in no particular order.]

Spotlight on youth community service and enrichment projects.

I met Julie and a handful of  Girl Scout troop parents this past Friday at the Maplewood Train Station while the girls were selling Girl Scouts cookies and thought it would be great to blog on the troop’s fundraising effort.  I had a few questions about their current goals and past projects. Here’s what Julie said:

Q. What team goals have your Girl Scouts set for this year?

A. We are trying to raise money for our troop to take an ecological trip to St. John’s V.I. in June of 2010. Our troop is made up of 7th graders and is a cooperative troop. Troop 21255 is located in Maplewood and we are looking to do fund-raisers to raise the money. Any help would be appreciated.

As 7th graders, the girls get 60¢ for every $3.50 box of cookies they sell. That’s a paltry sum.  I was struck by the word ‘ecological,’ and thought that it truly is a great time, with the global push for green jobs and the limiting of the worlds carbon footprint, to introduce youth to what an ecological lifestyle entails. When we spoke I asked Julie “How did the idea for the ecological trip to St. John come about?” Julie described the decision the girls made to travel to St. Johns is a decision they made based in conjunction with the developing conservationist mind set in this country and abroad. Their trip will be service oriented. The girls will not just be enjoying the sun and the surf, they will be working on a service project as well. She explained that the girls will be staying in ecological tents and doing studies. The girls intend to bring back the lessons they learn to Maplewood – exciting recycling ideas and more.

Q. What service projects has Girl Scouts Troop 21255 spearheaded as a service to the community?

A. This upcoming Saturday, March 21, 2009, the girls of Troop 21255 will be working at the Hillside Food bank assisting with the organization’s school supplies initiative. Last year the troop had a service project on preservation, Harbor Day. The Women’s Project for the month of March has, unfortunately, been postponed. The troop hopes to complete the project next year.

Julie and her daughter are recent members of co-operative troop 21255. This year 12 parents, 11 moms and 1 dad, formed the cooperative.  They hold a meeting each year to plan activities. The girls give input  on the service activities, fundraisers, and goals to set for the year.  Each parent selected an activity to lead. Julie selected the cookie-sale.

If you would like to learn more about their endeavor, donate to their group, participate in their fund-raising efforts, & or have ideas for the troop members leave a comment! To contact the troop, email: or call cell: 917-309-9862.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes



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