PerfectlyPlanned News: The Municipal Public Greenhouse Facility & Maplewood Garden Club

The Municipal Public Greenhouse Facility

This facility might not be a secret to you.  You might know of it.  You might know that Maplewood Garden Club members utilize the facility.  Public works, which maintains the physical infrastructure of the municipality, also maintains the greenhouse facility.  And anyone who has visited Townhall and utilized the parking lot has viewed the greenhouse structures in the vicinity.

When you enter the greenhouse you are transported into a lush tropical environment.  This experience sharply contrasts with the black asphalt and the Northern Jersey vegetation of the land the green house structure sits upon.   The structure is especially inviting now with the gloom that accompanies winter and early spring, and the wind that threatens to knock us over (every time it blows by us).  The Municipal greenhouse facility is a community asset & a tropical location worth knowing about.

Maplewood Garden Club – My Intro

I wanted to write about the Maplewood Garden Club – it’s history, the origins of the plant sale, and other yearly projects that the Garden Club has for residents.  I emailed the club with a few questions.  Liz, a member of the organization got back to me.  While she did provide me with great details, Liz had this to say about how I could write a better post:

“Our next meeting is April 6.  It’s in the basement meeting room of Maplewood Memorial Library (Baker Street) and begins at 7:30.  I encourage you to attend simply because it is a great way to get a flavor for our organization and it would be more meaningful for you to see what you’re blogging about.  You’ll begin to see what questions to ask and maybe understand the scope of our amazing club. ”

Now, I don’t want to make a formal commitment to joining.  So I wont.  But I do love gardening.  My mom can tell you stories about her resisting my personal efforts to landscape our house (if you asked her nicely).  And my sister has raised an eyebrow or two when commenting about my green thumb – I’m sure she wouldn’t hesitate to make a comment herself if you sent her a text (I wont be facilitating that). I’ll keep you guys posted if I do make tonight’s meeting. (update on 10.16.09, very late, i know! I did make it to the meeting. Just barely & for 10 minutes tops.)

…Greenhouse Facility Follow-up

I did ask Liz about the Municipal Greenhouse.  Liz said that the greenhouse “is open to the public and was donated to the township by our club. It is fully self-supporting and requires no funds from the municipal budget.  You get a spot in the greenhouse if you pay a nominal fee each year.  It is strictly first-come/first-served and for the past few years, anyone who wanted a space got one.  The only requirement is that you must be a Maplewood resident.”
Below: Pictures of the inside of the Municipal greenhouse public facility.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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