Remember Mom, Support the Garden Club

I attended the plant sale but avoided the heavy rains of Thursday.  The cost was a smaller selection of plants.  What a difference one day made.  Curious, I asked about the turn out on Thursday and was told that people were lined up down the driveway of the pool parking lot (leading to the street not wrapping around the parking spaces. Either way that’s a lot of people).  Now, they opened 8am and had a steady stream of customers.  The thunder storm had everyone running for cover, and, someone said, once it was over, the flow of customers resumed…Realizing how serious a matter this was, I selected my plants quickly.

I asked tons of questions, made my selections, and got answers and suggestions to all!!  Q.1: I had to know how best to take care of the lavender plant I bought.  (I was told that it’s hardy and should be grown outside. Lavender is a perennial.)  My last one didn’t make it. =o(    It was inside. (update 4/10/2010, This one didn’t make it either.)

For my container vegetable garden:

  • Tomatoes, and they had a variety.  Of course I selected the Rutgers tomato plant (6 for $2). =o).
  • Zucchini, but realized later that it was squash I wanted.  (Oh well.)
  • Cilantro.  Cilantro was an ingredient for a sauce I made to accompany a tofu dish.  The sauce was delicious.  (I made the tofu with my favorite 10-year-old in the whole wide world and had fun.  She was off doing her nails I think.  But she did help cut the tofu into ~perfect pieces~ =o)
  • Basil also.  I had to for pesto.  This year I erred on the side of caution.  Basil, in my opinion, grows like dandelions (a nice way of saying it grows wildly like a weed).  Tasty, but abundant.  I bought 5 last year.  It got so seriously abundant that I started freezing the leaves and added them to dishes for flavor.

I’m very happy that my vegetable garden came to the grand total of $10.25, and is certified organic…. Find below pictures of my selection.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes l  Clyde’s Advice on Rutgers Tomatoes: My container vegetable garden


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