PerfectlyPlanned Food Review: Dine-in @ Pizzeta, Millburn NJ

I was in Millburn this past Tuesday for ‘The Local’ meeting with enough time to have lunch/dinner.  I walked a bit around Millburn before I settled on Pizzeta.

I chose the location because I was immediately comfortable when I walked in.  The service I received was welcoming and the pizza tasted as it looked – delicious.  I knew when I walked in that I was in a pizzeria and not a sit down restaurant, and I knew what type of service to expect.  This was a very different experience than what I’d had at a previous restaurant I walked into minutes earlier.

I ordered a slice of pizza from Dave, who owns the restaurant with his brother.  They’ve owned the restaurant since Feb. ’04.  Dave invited me to sit, and a server brought my slice over.

While I was eating the two girls I’d met in the restaurant received their order.  I wish I took pictures!  It would have been a beautiful shot.  They ordered what looked like small pan pizzas.  One order was plain cheese, another one I didn’t recognize.  The server walked over carrying both and…it would have made a great picture.  Instead I decided to exercise restraint and took a picture of my book “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates instead.  I’m half way through.  The book is worth reading…

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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