PerfectlyPlanned News: ‘The Local’ Meeting: Millburn @ the Gazebo in the Rose Garden


On Tuesday the New York Times hosted a meeting at the Gazebo in the rose garden for its contributors.  It was a nice gathering in a beautiful & very fragrant location.  I enjoyed meeting the other contributors, catching up with Tina Kelley & Mary Ann.  Tina writes about the meeting in her post “This could be you.” While I didn’t have a chance to speak with every contributor, I did have a chance to speak for several minutes with each person I did meet.   Monica Puri Bangia and I spoke for the longest.  She’s funny and she can cook.  That’s an unbeatable combination.  I saw Nancy Tobin, and we had a big hug.  Fabulous seeing her again.  I met Jonah Zimiles, the owner of Words, the new book store in Maplewood Village.  He, Chris Black & I talked about blogging and WordPress.  Nice guys.  My inner artist (I also draw and paint with oils) was extremely happy to speak with Joy Yagid & Victoria Plummer about how one becomes an ‘artist.’  Joy we have to talk about this some more!  I did enjoy our laughs.  Victoria and I laughed about blogging and exercise.  Funny things can happen when they intersect.  And of course, I should mention the Coke Zero & the eclairs, for obvious reasons…

Select the ‘This could be you‘ link to read Tina Kelley’s post.  Explore the site & learn more about contributing to the New York Times’ ‘The Local.”

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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