PerfectlyPlanned News: Electrical Cord Down in Maplewood on Boyden Ave: 2 Weeks & Counting


Saturday July 25th, 2009 – A walk through my neighborhood yesterday revealed that the electrical cord was removed from the sidewalk. Picture to the left of this paragraph.

On Wednesday July 1, 2009 I saw an electrical cord down on Boyden Avenue  on the same block as 393 Boyden an apartment building. 2 weeks later the cord is still lying on the sidewalk.

Background: On 7.1.09 I was walking along Boyden Avenue when I happened upon a scene that made me queasy.  A group of teenagers waphoto_070109_006s standing steps away from a broken electrical cord laying on the sidewalk.  I thought this was a story worth reporting to The Local as a problem in need of fixing under their section SeeClickFix Maplewood section.

I emailed Tina Kelley and she asked me if I’d reported the problem to Maplewood police and to PSE&G. Duh?!  I called the cops immediately.  Maplewood police department said it was the first time a report had been made.  They would send a cop over.  I then called PSE&G.  The representative I spoke with said they would send someone over in the next day or so.

What really got me was this: The PSE&G representative said that if the cord was that of the cable company or the phone company they would do nothing about it.  Their policy is to leave the cord and not follow-up with the cable company or the phone company.

7.21.09  I’ve been away for two weeks.  Today, walking down Boyden Avenue I saw the cord still on the sidewalk.  I guess it wasn’t a PSE&G cord.  I called the Maplewood police department again.  The operator asked me if the cord was sparking. ?!? I don’t think that should be the deal breaker, and I shared that.  The operator said they will send someone over.

My question is this:  Two weeks later and counting the cord is still down.  What will it take for this hazard to be fixed?

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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