Make A Call to Change This: ‘Many Young Adults No job, No Health Insurance’

Note: I edited this post title from “1 in 3 young adults No Job, No Health Insurance’ to the title of the MSNBC article quoted. The health care debate is reaching new heights with lots of misinformation.  I don’t want to quote something wrong and contribute any misinformation. In addition, I revised this post in 7.28.09 from “Tell Congress Health Care Reform NOW” because I’d rather motivate action than tell someone what to say.

Background: Many American’s don’t have health care.  We can change this.  Americans are turning to non-profit organizations when they have limited or no health care options, and young adults often don’t have insurance at all.

The need for affordable health care is being met by non governmental agencies. MSNBC posted a video on Remote Area Medical’s (RAM) Free Health Care Clinic in L.A.  showing how great the need is for health care reform.  Watch this online video clip titled: “Doctor’s turn away thousands at free  L.A. Clinic.”  

Below is a youtube video on RAM’s work in Kentucky. RAM also provided emergency health care for 8 thousand people in another part of the country.


Here is a government website to dispel myths. Questions about Health Care Myths? Visit the White House website ‘ Reality Check‘ Reality Check serves to dispel Health Care reform myths.



One reason we need health care reform. Illness is non-partisan.  Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure -they have no face– or age.  Countless families have had a medical bill that they couldn’t afford without insurance – pregnancy, dental work, injury, car accident, etc. On June 5th, 2009 reported that “this year 53,507 people will file for bankruptcy because they can’t pay their medical bills.

Another reason we need health care reform is that young adults often have no health care and are in precarious situations health wise. This month MSNBC reported young people are the least likely of any age group to have coverage.  “Adults in their 20s face brutal job searches and more time uninsured because of the recession. Many young adults work entry-level jobs without insurance and, despite new laws in some states, they’re eventually too old to stay on their parents’ policies.”

Health care reform bills in Congress could change this “Some features in the health care plans working their way through Congress would benefit young adults.” “One plan allows them to stay on their parents’ policies until age 26.”

The article goes on to share several stories of young adults in difficult situations.

Resident Planning Geek on (3) ways to get your voice heard.

Use media to give yourself a voice & to share your story with NJ elected officials.  Individuals can create change! Politicians appreciate hearing from their constituents – it influences how they vote.  (Special interests groups know all about this.)

1st: Get your digital camera.  Select the video option. Film a video of you answering these two questions for example.  How has the health care system saved me? How has it failed me?  Share the good and the bad.  Next, share what you would like this new legislation to include.  Finally, tell your congressman how you want them to vote on this issue.

2nd Create an account on Youtube. Upload your video to YouTube.  Email a message with the link to your video to Governor Corzine on Youtube; don’t expect a response.  He’ll get it.  Email a message to a NJ Congressman, here are two: Congressman Lance & Representative John Adler.

3rd Go to President Obama’s Organizing for America Health Care Action Center. Share your story under Health Care Stories for America.  Share using email, Facebook, Twitter. Select this link to read the stories of people living near our zipcode 07040. Maplewood residents have already started. Read their stories.

You also can e-mail or fax your lawmaker with your message. Click here to find your representative and his/her contact information.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes



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