Vegetable Container Garden: I’m disgusted…

I don’t want to get all girly on you, but I’m disgusted.  My zucchini plant died this weekend.  I chopped it up.  Actually, these huge bugs ate it up and then I did an emergency procedure to salvage the plant.  Guess who won.

So, I went after each of those grubs.  Yeah, it got personal.

I googled the situation to see what went wrong.  I can’t remember the exact google search, but it must have been something like ‘zucchini + infested.’ Google suggested one addition term like ‘zucchini + infested + worms.’ (I wish Google would start suggesting these terms at the beginning of the growing process when I just typed ‘zucchini’). My story was replicated what seemed like 10 X over on the internet.  No one had anything to say other than “Yeah. It happened.  But I got one good zucchini out of it!”

What? One good zucchini!?!  That’s all I got too.

Listen, my plant was thriving.  Thriving.  I had another good sized zucchini growing.  I was taking my time picking that one too.  Of course some massive grub got it.

I learned a few lessons.  But that’s going into another post.  I’m pretty miffed right now.


See pictures below.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes 2009   I Support Agriculture (ISA)


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