Perfectly Planned News: Maplewood Planning Board Meeting 7.30.09

Maplewood’s Planning Board held a special meeting last Thursday on the proposed development of a Walgreens Pharmacy on 1633 Springfield Avenue.

The developer sought approval to build a Walgreens Pharmacy on the site. The developer also sought permission from the Planning Board to make several departures from Maplewood’s zoning ordinance. The developer requested 39 parking spaces instead of the 41 required and also requested that the Walgreens signage be kept at the standard size utilized by the company.

In addition, a request was made by the developer to change the setback of the front yard of the building by several feet.

The meeting was open to the public and residents adjacent to the development questioned how the proposed signage size, lighting, and the new traffic pattern would impact their quality of life.

It is unclear if the Planning Board will grant requested changes in the zoning ordinance at this time.The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 8pm.

 For additional Maplewood Planning Board news, read my articles “Questions about the Springfield Avenue Redevelopment Plan,” and “Planning Ahead.”

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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