’09 Summer Transportation Update: Jitney Schedule PDF Online +

This summer ’09 Maplewood Township updated its website, publishing a much needed Jitney schedule PDF document online. Prior to this commuters have relied on Jitney schedules published on this blog and on MOL.

Jitney Schedule PDF. The Township’s online Jitney Schedule PDF is user friendly and the document includes corresponding maps for each route.  You can find the pdf document on the Township Website at this link: http://www.twp.maplewood.nj.us/townshipservices/2008%20Jitney%20Routes%20-%20Parking.pdf

Jitney 2010. Look out for the new Jitney schedules this winter.  They will be published in 2010, according to the Township’s Clerks Office.

NJ Transit Train Advisories. As always, call NJ Transit between 7am to 7pm @ (973) 275 – 5555 for morning/evening train advisories.

Creative Commons License
These schedules were created by Maplewood Township. PerfectlyPlanned Blog by W. S. Hughes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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