Prospect Presbyterian’s Annual Rummage Sale: Sept. 11th & 12th




¡Cosas Usadas … en buenas condiciones!

  • viernes el 11 de septiembre
  • sábado el 12 de septiembre

Ropa para Niños – Mujeres – Hombres, Muebles, Linos, Utensilios domésticos, Equipaje, Baratijas, Aparatos, Instrumentos, Libros, CDs & LPs,

Joyas, Juguetes & Juegos, Trabajo Artístico, Multa Collectibles, El equipo de ejercicio & esporte y mucho más!!!


Saturday September 12th is the $5.00 bag sale.  Everything you can fit in a bag for $5.00.

Prospect Presbyterian is a local church located on Prospect Street in Maplewood.

The Prospect Presbyterian Women are the event organizers.  All proceeds from the sales go to the following organizations: Babyland Family Services, The Salvation Army, TLC/Concerned Set Nursery, Covenant House-Newark,  Clinton Avenue Feeding Program, Safe House, and CWS Blankets.

The sale is open to residents of surrounding communities.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes


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