www.savememorialpark.org, Have you been there?

A group of Maplewood residents has an idea about how development of the old police station site should proceed.  www.savememorialpark.org is the website created by these residents to organize support for their cause. Visit their facebook page.

I’ve written previously about how the old police station can be redeveloped, one vision really I have, on how this space can be used to better integrate all residents into the social fiber of our community.

Since then, local news sites (The Local, Patch.com)have published articles on the progression of development efforts.  Developers have submitted proposals on what to build on the site and our local government is deliberating on how to proceed.  The residents of http://www.savememorialpark.org draw the line at proposed developments by developers:

“The Township of Maplewood is planning to develop a site right next to Memorial Park with a 50 foot high, 50-unit rental building (plus parking). While residential development may make sense for the area, a 50-foot building is completely inappropriate on the Park. It would be the second highest building in town. With tax abatements being dangled in front of developers, an abysmal real-estate market, and a site that may need significant infrastructure work, the Township has failed to convince us that this will be in our economic best interest. In fact, we believe this may prove costly to us.”

The creators of the site are calling for the public participation of residents in our township on the issue.  Public Participation Option: “It is critical that people attend this meeting and let the Planning Board know what they think about this plan.  The Board will then make a series of recommendations to the Township Committee, which may vote on the redevelopment plan as soon as November 16th.” The Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, November 10th at 8 p.m. at the Municipal Building on Valley Street.

What I hope will come out of our local development efforts is that our community creates an acceptable living environment for all residents.  

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