Commuters: Pictures of new NJ TRANSIT entrance at NY Penn Station

Exciting news fellow commuters.  NJ TRANSIT has completed its new entrance at NY Penn Station.

The entrance is on 7th Avenue at 31st Street. It will lead directly to the NJ TRANSIT concourse. “The new 31st Street entrance will enhance the functionality of our concourse, which has become even more popular with customers since we opened it in 2002,” NJ TRANSIT Executive Director George Warrington said.  Read more: Posted Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Is anyone else excited about this?

I plan to follow up this short post with a longer post on transit options and transpiration policy. I’m inspired on two fronts: 1). My Land Use Development graduate professor’s related lectures, & 2). A lecture I’m attending tonight on Obama and US Transportation Policy.  My post won’t be political, rest assured.  That’s not my cup of tea.

Cheers! (This salutation is growing on me…expect to see more of it. =0)

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