13 Hits away from 10,000 views of perfectlyplannedblog content.

It’s 6:59 and I keep watching the stats counter on my blog increase. I can’t believe that visitors have come to the site almost 10,000 looking for the information and resources listed, and to read about the positive impact community service and community development can have on lives locally.

To each person who reads this blog I appreciate you.  To each person who has left a comment, I appreciate your taking the time to ask me tough questions.  You wanted answers and I provided you the best answers based on quality research, interviews, online documents, links to other websites, and judicious analysis of everyday issues that affect every day people.

I act because I dream of a world where adults don’t neglect the children they are meant to protect and with hold resources from them that will help them succeed and prosper as adults.


 I identified in my 8 Month Case Study Assessment that:

“I began this case study by identifying my focal points as 1). Education. 2).The environment. I believed when I began this study that there was a need for certain resources and information to be identified for students in Maplewood.

Specifically, I identified scholarship information and study skills information for local students.  I based this need on my personal experience growing up in the community.”



To the young people who visit my site: The study skills document is consistently # 1.  It ranks at the top of any other post visited. My message is this (link): As you obtain your education or decide school is not for you and work instead to make a better life for yourself, or are working to put yourself through school —> Keep your heart open, your mind focused on being the best you can be, and your spirit free and open to being who you want to be.  I may not know you personally, but I care.

Heart-to-Heart: I easily could have been a statistic. I was raised by a single mother doing the best she could.  Talking to my teachers helped me get through the moments of frustration for not understanding how to navigate through the educational system. To be fairbeing ultra sensitive and quiet didn’t help me relate better to or understand these circumstances as a young adult. But I talked to teachers I liked and trusted. You should consider doing the same. Micro Message on importance of communication: As you navigate your four years of high school talk to other students who respect you and aren’t posers.  Chances are, if they respect and trust you enough to be real with you and not front, they care about how you feel and they will listen. Just talk. Don’t keep it inside – what ever it is.  Be open. It sounds counter intuitive, but the more you talk about your problems the less weight they will have on your shoulders. Macro Message message on importance of communication: If you are feeling negative vibes and need someone to talk to at school talk to a guidance counselor you like (not the one you don’t like, believe me they can be dream killers). Building a network of support can help you counter challenges/difficulties that arise from your social networks.

Did you know? Kids in our town are vulnerable to attack because they live in Maplewood. When they travel outside this town they hear comments along the lines of “You live in Maplewood? You must be rich.” While this may not be the case perception is the key.

To conclude I want to thank our law enforcement for their stellar effort on keeping this community violence and as drug free as they can. I am so proud of our cops who patrol our streets to protect our youth.  In total, Maplewood is a mini united nations, and it’s impossible to tell – based on race, ethnicity, and wealth what child lives in this town, or crossed over into our town’s border to blend in our community.  Some blend in to work and play and leave a positive impact, others blend in to work and play and leave a negative impact.

Our world is changing swiftly, and not everyplace is like Maplewood South-Orange. Locally, our cops put their lives on the line every day to protect us, and so many of them care.

As you navigate the world, ask yourself what feels right. What doesn’t? As a young person today move with purpose if it is safe to, speak your truth clearly, use every tool you have with you as a resource, and involve those close to you in the process as you seek help.


Keep coming back to the site looking for updated information on existing posts like the municipal services offered or to look over a particular post again that was informative.  I’m now focusing my energies on sharing this message globally.

I feel blessed to live among such forward thinking, open, tolerant, loving people.

*~Peace and blessings~* Image from here
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