2013 Maplewood Jitney Service Changes to Reflect New NJ TRANSIT Midtown Direct Train Schedule

PJ NEW! View updated Parker and Wyoming Jitney schedules in new blog location: Read here, “I Commute. from Maplewood, NJ.


The first week of November ushers in updated Midtown Direct train schedules. Jitney schedules have changed.

In the next week or so I’ll update this post if 2011 Jitney and parking fees change this year. If not, I’ll post the fees for next year when they are announced by the township. As of November 4th, 2011, the Parking, Jitney and Combo application fee is $200. The Combo application fee (one Jitney and one Parking permit) is $215. The Jitney pass fee is $80. l Applications can be found on the township website.

If you have a few moments interact with Maplewood’s Public GIS Mapping site. It’s pretty cool. Visit the township website to view. l Update image from simplexdesign.blogspot.com l 

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These schedules were created by Maplewood Township. PerfectlyPlanned Blog by W. S. Hughes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


8 Comments Add yours

  1. There are just the morning departure schedules listed. Is it possible to list the evening schedule ? Often times I am at work late in the day and want to access the evening schedule. Thanks

  2. Resident Planning Geek says:

    Sure. No problem. I’ll have it up in within a week tops.

  3. (oops first attempt didn’t get published, sorry if this comment appears twice)

    Anyway I have made an interactive web application that shows the jitney schedule for Maplewood: http://myjitney.appspot.com/

    I went hunting for news about the 2011 schedule, but it seems as you have published, the schedule did not change. So that’s good, means I don’t have to change the web application!

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