Branching out of Container Gardening in ’10

I started a  container garden summer ’09 and this year I branched out into a raised bed garden.

Foxglove plant

This year I am growing different plants – eggplant, a different species of tomato, green bell peppers plus basil and cilantro.  I intended on growing strawberry and blueberry plants as well but the strawberry plant I ordered arrived compromised by mold and I’m still waiting on the blueberry plant.

Sadly I missed the plant sale by the Garden Club. As a result I wasn’t sure where to buy plants this year. Still, I’m very excited about my vegetable plants and my most recent addition to my garden, a very pretty foxglove plant.  I ventured into Union Square in NYC to buy the green peppers and cilantro. I received my tomato and basil plants as gifts from a friend, and I bought the foxglove from Z.O. Landscaping and Supply off of Newark Way in Maplewood.

This is the final post on gardening.  Find below pictures of my 2010 garden.

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