Master Plan Review – It’s that time.

What will Maplewood look like in 20 years?

Every 6 years NJ state law (Municipal Land Use Law/MLUL) requires municipalities to re-examine their Master Plan. As defined by the MLUL:

“Master plan” means a composite of one or more written or graphic proposals for the development of the municipality as set forth in and adopted pursuant to section 19 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-28). Read the NJ MLULL document here.

Maplewood has a mostly built up environment with room for re-use and redevelopment and little room for new development.

The Planning Board will be working on incorporating sustainable building practices into the Master Plan and the possible re-use redevelopment of municipal buildings and private property.

To learn more about the Powers of the Planning Board read the MLUL: 40:55D-25. Powers of planning board section.

Follow Mary Mann on for updates on what residents and our Planning Board recommend for our town. Read the article “Planning Board Addresses Master Plan RE-examination” by Patch writer Dannielle Elliot for additional details.

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