Teen Zone, Main Library

It’s exciting to see the space that’s been created for young adults at the main library branch.

Students now hang out at the main library to talk, complete school work or both in the teen section. There has been a re-organization of sorts in the main library.

For the last several years students and library staff had the challenge of relating to each other.

On one hand you had super excited students having escaped from Maplewood Middle once the final bell rang. With tons of energy to release these middle schoolers would cross the street and walk into the main library adjacent to Maplewood Middle.

On the other hand you had Librarians tasked with maintaining an orderly space within the main library.

The difficulty lay in how loud the middle school students were inside the library.

A few years ago the library hired a security guard to manage student behavior, having students escorted outside if they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, lower their voices so other patrons could utilize the space.

Now you can find sofas with desks, a rug to lay on and laptops for student use.

Students can talk at normal voice level though they’re still given a bit of a hard time about their volume.

Their new personal space can be found where the referenced desk was once located. If you have a chance, visit.If I can I’ll include pictures.

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