That’s It

I’ve covered everything I intended on writing about. I’ve included:

In the mix of things I included:   1). My thoughts on the de-leveling of our high school. 2). Re-development in Maplewood Village. 3). A shout out to a local legend. 4). A post on current news. Specifically, current news about the (in)famous, but relevant, social media campaign for bringing a Ugandan war lord, Kony, to justice. The campaign garnered a lot of support among young bloggers, I’d be remise not to highlight it. 5) I also published a recent post on JSA and I hope we can jumpstart a chapter at Columbia in the next year.

And, in retrospect, it’s amazing that I have never written about the Springfield Avenue Partnership. Enjoying a dolce de leche cake on the avenue provided me updated news about the partnership.

It’s because I’ve focused more on local students than on economic development.

With that in mind, returning to write about the economic development efforts that brought Walgreens and 7-Eleven to Maplewood makes it especially relevant for me to conclude with a note on the partnership.

The Springfield Avenue Partnership is a much needed and much appreciated organization. The organization allows for networking between store owners, is a liaison between local businesses and local government, secures grants for township businesses on the strip of Springfield Avenue within Maplewood Township, and maintains the upkeep of the avenue, making it a pleasant place to walk.

Visit the Springfield Avenue Partnership website to learn more about the successes of the organization.

It’s been fun Maplewood!

On that note, I’m heading back out to the blogesphere.

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  1. k10g says:

    Thank you again!

  2. residentplanningeek says:

    Glad this blog is still relevant. Thanks for reading!

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